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If you’re an Amazon seller or Amazon service provider, you’ve likely heard the term, ‘Amazon Editorial Recommendations’ tossed around in the last year. Though Editorial Recommendations have been around for years, a new change has led these recommendations to receive some well-deserved newfound attention – sellers can now choose to get into these recommendations. 

Editorials are not out of a seller’s control. Now they are a trackable form of guaranteed front-page advertising. That’s game changing – especially for sellers ranking off the first page.

Let’s take a deep dive into this new form of Amazon advertising. 

Amazon Editorial Recommendations are the only type of advertising on Amazon that comes from an external source (unless you consider Amazon’s Choice recommendations to be external) – meaning somebody else is recommending your product to interested buyers. 

These recommendations always render on the first page of whichever keyword they’re rendering on – usually about a third of the way down the page. 

The publishers are incentivized by Amazon, who gives them a percentage of revenue for every sale directly-attributable to the recommendation. These percentages vary depending on product category but reach up to 5% for luxury beauty recommendations. 

Onsite commission rates:

Breaking down an Editorial Recommendation

The recommendation below, entitled ‘The Best Coffee Maker’ is written by ‘This Old House’. It renders on the term ‘coffee maker’ which has a search volume of 724,110 according to Helium10. That gives sellers rendering on that keyword a huge incentive to optimize their front-page visibility, and editorial recommendations are a guaranteed way to get on the first page.

Though it renders on ‘coffee maker’, it doesn’t render 100% of the time. Most Editorial Recommendations render 25% of the time, meaning that there’s a 1 in 4 chance that this specific Editorial Recommendation will be on the search page when a customer is shopping. 

If an Editorial Recommendation isn’t rendering, Amazon will pull it down. That leads some high-converting recommendations to stay live for years, whereas others will be pulled down within a month. The one below has been live for 10 months as of now. The best indicator of whether a recommendation will perform well is if the products within them are performing well on the given keyword. This means that even though there are service providers able to get products into Editorial Recommendations, they can’t just get any product into them. 

Let’s break down The Best Coffee Maker recommendation further.

Best Coffee Maker: An Editorial Recommendation written by This Old House

This Old House has full literary control over this recommendation – meaning they choose the awarding titles, the products, and they write the blurb and linked article on the left-hand side. This literary freedom alarms some sellers because they don’t want the publisher to write something negative about their product, but given that publishers profit from the sales made from these recommendations, this situation is highly unlikely. 

Amazon Editorial recommendations improve a lot of your Amazon marketing efforts, such as:

  • Front-page visibility
  • PPC efficiencies 
  • SEO performance 
  • Organic rank 
  • Overall conversions

A lot of these improvements are intertwined. For example, once an Editorial Recommendation is posted on Amazon, the products included receive a boost in front-page visibility, which increases the chance of sale since greater front-page visibility has been shown to increase conversion rate. Though it increases the chance of sale, that sale doesn’t always result from a click directly on the editorial but rather on PPC ads running alongside it. This leads to improvements in PPC efficiencies.

Graph 1: 41% sales lift in one month, 33% through organic and PPC improvements

Graph 1 shows sales results from a Seller Rocket study after one month in Editorial Recommendations. In the first month, there was a 41 percent lift in sales with 8 percent of that being directly attributable to the recommendation – the rest came through improvements in the PPC and organic rank channels.

Graph 2: 73% lift in product views, 51% lift in daily orders

Since Amazon Editorial Recommendations are SEO based, and the greatest lift is in PPC and organic rank, it takes some time to see results. The greatest improvements come with time, and you will see some results in the first month, with results ramping up in months three and four.

Requirements For Amazon Editorial Recommendations

Amazon Editorial Recommendations are available for products already performing well on the keywords the seller is seeking to render on. Generally a product will qualify if it meets the below qualifications: 

    • 100+ product reviews

    • 4-star and above product rating

    • sufficient inventory to handle high demand

    • No relation to religion, sex, or drugs

    • No medical claims

These requirements exist to ensure recommendations are credible for the consumer. 

How to access Amazon Editorial Recommendations 

Is Seller Rocket the only way to get an Amazon Editorial Recommendation?

No. Seller Rocket works with a little over half of the publishers in the program, leaving a lot of publishers that choose products using a different method. Additionally, the publishers Seller Rocket does work with have freedom to write as many recommendations as they want, meaning they could be using other methods in addition to the products provided by Seller Rocket. 

How does pricing work?

Amazon Editorial Recommendations are different than PPC in that they’re entirely hands off. Sellers pay an upfront fee and small monthly maintenance fee with Seller Rocket, then everything else is based on directly-attributable revenue (24 hour last-click cookie). If a recommendation gets pulled down, it’s free to get into another. 

If you happen to find yourself in an Editorial Recommendation that wasn’t accessed through Seller Rocket, that means a publisher chose to cover your article on their own. This comes at no charge to you, however you’ll be unable to track the amount of revenue coming from your product being within that recommendation and will have no say if the recommendation gets pulled down.

How long does it take?

Once you’ve submitted your ASINs to be in an Amazon Editorial Recommendation, it takes 8-10 weeks before the recommendation goes live. The publisher is writing the article for about half of that time and the other half is spent waiting for Amazon to AB test the article against its other recommendations and approve it. 

Closing thoughts

Amazon Editorial Recommendations should be looked at as a form of advertising, and are a great way to get ahead of your competitors. If competitors act on Amazon Editorial Recommendations before you, there’s a possibility that you’ll begin losing sales to them on keywords you perform well on. 

This article may contain affiliate links for products or services.  You are NEVER charged more for something if you buy through our link, but we do get a small commission that helps us keep the site up and running with valuable and current information.  Thank you.

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I Believe… in honesty and focusing on strengths. We have so much to offer in our own mission and we’re really good at what we do, but we know our limitations and are honest with our clients, letting them know exactly where we can provide value.
I’m Passionate About… helping others. If I see an opportunity to help and solve
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I Love Working With… everyone. I see my company as an equal opportunity solution
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As Creative Director of The Ecom Cooperative, Frank’s passion for community
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I Believe… in giving back. Whenever another branding agency reaches out to me, I’m
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I’m Passionate About… creating. I love working in the creative space and watching
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I Love Working With… clients that are open to change. As I take clients through my
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My Role Models:
My father, Frank, has run businesses his entire life, and I’ve learned so much from
watching him.

Chris Do is also someone who has really impacted my work, teaching me a lot about
branding and managing my business.
My Attitude:
The more you give, the more you get. Help others without expecting anything in return and you’ll thrive. Many other companies try to hide their processes and guard their information, but I believe in collaboration and supporting each other.

Lenny Ash, Chief Operating Officer

Lenny Ash is the co-founder of AZSeller Kit, a custom-designed software solution
for Amazon sellers which utilizes business intelligence tools to present actionable data.

Lenny began his e-commerce career while still in college, selling collectibles on
eBay in significant volumes. After completing his undergrad degree, Lenny began
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In 2015, Lenny and his partner Jason Hanan began offering consulting services,
sharing their vast experience with other Amazon sellers. With both client and personal
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This Amazon integrated software offers price optimization tools and provides key
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As Chief Technology Officer at The Ecom Cooperative, Lenny’s analytical approach and technical prowess add steady efficiency and continuous advancement to the team. With his easygoing, empathetic and methodical nature, Lenny gains a chasmic understanding of situations and provides on-target solutions, consistently plugging away to accomplish goals.


“Lenny is an executor, he gets the job done.” Frank Acosta

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I Believe… in using technology to make life easier. When I hone in on a problem, I
think, “How can I make this better with technology?” And then I find a solution and
implement it.
I’m Passionate About… digging deep to understand operations, and asking, “Why are we doing it this way?” I love looking at the big picture and the overarching process and focusing on how things can be improved.
I Love Working With… people who love data just as much as I do- when my clients
really understand the analytics, our collaboration yields powerful solutions.


My Drive:
The Ecom Cooperative really inspires me to broaden the scope of my experiences and
learn more about what others do and what they need. By engaging with more sellers, I can offer greater value.
My Role Models:
My father, Avi, was a successful entrepreneur, and immensely impacted my mindset
and my career. His approach was filled with patience and analysis. And yet, he was an
early tech adopter, on the cutting edge, always using it to make life better.
My Attitude:
You need to walk before you run. I take a very conservative approach and I would
never put a plan into place without testing it first. Tests prove scale, and once
something is a proven concept, we can double down and put it into action.

Jason Hanan , CFO

Jason Hanan is the co-founder of AZSeller Kit, a customized software solution that
provides data insights and helps Amazon sellers manage their accounts and make
logistical decisions.

After graduating college with a degree in business management, Jason joined his brother Adam in owning and managing Media Mix Distribution, a Manhattan-based retail store. As retail sales began to taper, they moved into the wholesale and online marketplace, gaining a unique understanding of the e-commerce industry.

In 2015, Jason began offering consulting services with partner Lenny Ash to other
Amazon sellers, developing software that helped manage online sales. Ahead of the
curve in e-commerce experience, Jason and Lenny leveraged this knowledge to launch
AZSeller Kit in 2020. Built from the perspective of a seller, it provides valuable business intelligence tools that give clients key insight into their business’s wellbeing.

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I Believe… that if you listen and keep an open mind, you will keep innovating. Lenny
and I have no ego as a team and we want to hear everyone’s ideas- it’s how we keep
I’m Passionate About… data. I’m a data geek- I love inventory and pricing management and I dream in spreadsheets.
I Love Working With… people that are open-minded and willing to share ideas. Also,
solution-oriented individuals who focus on, “How can we make this work?”


My Drive:
I am my own #1 customer. As Amazon sellers ourselves, we see things through the
eyes of a seller. We use our own software every day and if we see something that isn’t
working or someone has an idea on how to improve, we change and implement.
My Role Models:
Everything I am is because of my father Isaac and my brother Adam. My father treats
everyone with respect and warmth. Watching how people reacted to him was a blueprint for how to treat people.
My brother Adam was always the smartest person in the room. I learned how to listen,
how to ask for help, and that it’s okay for someone else to have the answer.
My Attitude:
I’m confident in our ability to adapt to any challenge that comes our way. Throughout the years, we’ve rolled with the punches, pivoting our businesses at crucial moments to be in line with market changes and technological advances. I know we will keep lining up opportunities and moving forward.

David Dayon, President

David Dayon is the co-founder of Amazon Xperts, a marketing and sales
consulting group that helps Amazon sellers manage their accounts and optimize sales.

David began his Amazon career while in college, spending his summers creating
listings and perfecting the art of fashioning an attractive page. David went on to work
for a consulting agency in NYC, serving hundreds of Amazon clients. In 2018, David
founded Amazon Xperts, specializing in listing optimization and working with private
label brands to implement and execute the right strategy on Amazon.

The Ecom Cooperative was David’s brainchild and founded on the principle that
we are stronger together. Serving as a community for both Amazon service providers
and sellers, The Ecom Cooperative brings everyone under one umbrella so that all can
collaborate and form valuable connections with trusted partners.
David is a networking powerhouse, an action personality combined with an
approachable nature, and able to form relationships and connect people on a pragmatic level. A passionate and determined visionary, David capitalizes on opportunities and provides authentic value.


“David can make something from nothing.” Jason Hanan

“David works until the wheels fall off. He’s a no-nonsense achiever.” Frank Acosta


I Believe… the customer is always right. We spoil our clients. I deal with each of my
clients personally, delivering projects before the promised date and working with clients until they’re satisfied.
I’m Passionate About… All things Amazon, growing my network and continuing to
build this ecommerce community.
I Love Working With… good people, I try to surround myself with good people and ‘I’m always looking to collaborate with good people. Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


My Drive:
I get the most out of my relationship with my clients and my partners. There are so
many good people in the e-commerce community and everyone is looking to help each other.
My Role Models:
My Dad, Steven, is my main role model, he shaped me into the person I am today.

My mentor Irwin Dayon, Irwin has spent over 30 years helping young entrepreneurs
like myself get started.
My Attitude:
I don’t believe in competition, but rather in collaboration. There is plenty of business to go around and each provider excels in a specific area, allowing us to give our sellers the choice of a service provider that truly meets their needs.