How to Get People to LOVE Your Brand

By Ben Leonard

So you’ve created a brand and amassed a sizable number of followers. But how can you make people fall in love with your brand? It’s not enough to have a large social media following. What matters is that you maintain engaged followers who adore your brand and become evangelists for it. That they love your brand.

But How?

How do you go about doing that? So, first and foremost, answer this basic question:

What is your brand’s mission?

Or, put another way:

What is your brand’s reason for being?

Your prospective consumer is seeking an exceptional user experience – one that tackles a specific pain point they’re experiencing and makes them feel good about themselves.

How does your brand assist prospective consumers in resolving their problems?

Understanding this key element will help you to connect with your audience more deeply and react to their needs more effectively.

This is what I did with Beast Gear, my first brand.

The Beast Gear Story

Beast Gear is a workout equipment brand that I established in 2016 and eventually sold to Thrasio in 2019. I completed a successful exit — the so-called “holy grail of business.”

The issue with the fitness business, as I perceived it back then, is that it makes us feel horrible about ourselves. Unattainable body photos may be seen on a variety of social media sites and marketing materials.

The issue is that these idealized and unrealistic body types are almost difficult to obtain and might cause individuals to obsess about their looks.

Furthermore, when I went through all of my training equipment, I realized I could do a far better job in terms of quality.

So I did things a little differently. I established myself as the face of my company. You know, I’m not an exceptional athlete; I’m just a regular guy like my clients who deserve the best training equipment to help them BEAST their goals.

I achieved fantastic results.

Everyone in our tribe was made to feel welcome by me. It makes no difference if an individual is attempting to run a 5k or is a world champion boxer. We’re all beasts.

With this strategy, we’ve created a cult-like following of beasts in our tribe, and my brand grew to a seven-figure worldwide e-commerce firm selling across three continents.

Wrapping Up

Understanding your target consumers’ underlying concerns and needs is a critical step in determining your brand’s goal.

The purpose of your brand should be to give the simplest, most feasible answer for your target clients. It should help individuals love themselves and their life, as well as provide a great overall experience.

This, along with a successful marketing approach and excellent customer service, is how you earn your customers’ loyalty and confidence.

This displays your prospective clients that you’ve been working hard to build a good connection with them. It also increases the value and attractiveness of your brand.

You want to make sure that you treat your consumers like kings in all you do for your company.

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