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AmazonXperts is a consulting group for Amazon sellers, specializing in full channel management, creative, and more. Reach out for a free ½ hour of Xpertise.
Getida’s sole focus is Amazon FBA reimbursements. They audit consistently and find more discrepancies that improve your bottom line. Special offer ^ above!
Automated Amazon pricing software for private label sellers. Keep the Buy Box, improve your margins, and try for 14 days, risk-free, no cc required.
Cabilly & Co. combines years of legal experience with deep knowledge of Amazon to provide superior legal assistance to sellers and brand owners.
AccrueMe provides quality Amazon funding with debt-free capital. Their innovative funding model doesn’t take any permanent ownership in your company.
Asset-based transportation provider with world-class 3PM solutions that delivers meaningful, measurable value. Committed to “Keeping the Promise.”
BellaVix is a marketplace management agency that helps retail brands achieve category domination on Amazon and Walmart.
Specializes in Shopify custom design and development, website migration, website maintenance, Google Ads, and SEO.
Buy With Prime gives your DTC site the trust of Prime. Boost shopper conversion by adding Buy With Prime – the benefits of Prime, on your website.
Import goods into Canada without stress and improve your overall cross-border trade experience. Expert e-commerce services to help you every step of the way
With over $5B in facilitated transactions, ConnectBooks helps you track the true profitability of your e-commerce business. Easy plugin integration.
Ecommerce Diversification Services believes every brand should be selling everywhere. No two businesses are the same. Multi channel strategy at its best.
Powerful software solutions to help Amazon sellers save time and increase profits. FeedbackFive, RestockPro, and SellerPulse with 60 day free trials
Did Amazon block your listing? Fighting suspension? Protect your account and get your business back on track with their expert guidance.
Fortunet is a leading investment bank exclusively focused on the e-commerce industry. They maximize outcomes for brands looking for a profitable exit.
Formerly known as First Choice Shipping, Frisbi offers cutting-edge technology and support and takes the guesswork out of going global in e-commerce.
The barcode authority, GS1 is a not-for-profit standards organization that invented and keeps the international standards of product identification.
Hymie has helped Amazon sellers build brands and fantastic listings for over 12 years. He takes listings from blah to BLAM with proven results.
Manually manages PPC for qualifying Amazon brands. Hands-on management for effectively and rapidly scaling your Amazon business.
Managing millions in ad spend on Amazon, Incrementum applies expert methods to increase sales while saving you time.
A full service Amazon ads management company, Junglr helps you stay competitive while implementing the newest techniques.
Renowned podcast provides thought leadership and massive amounts of value to the e-commerce space. Learn from the man with the beard.
A full-service brand accelerator with a proven selling system for launching products on e-commerce platforms with remarkable results.
A fascinating and prestigious community of 650+ e-commerce entrepreneurs generating between $1M and $500M per year in revenue.
The premier trade event for established e-commerce sellers looking for strategies, solutions, and resources to help them grow their business.
A tried-and-true system for hassle-free returns management. Happy customers mean more profitable business.
Streamlined software tailored to navigate you through VAT and US sales tax effortlessly, while offering a myriad of other accounting solutions.
Helping brands reach new heights on Amazon, Trivium Group is your growth partner – to get you there in months, not years.
Professional VAs trained in areas of e-commerce – from Seller Central management, to PPC, and more. More than your average VA.
Counterfeit detection, grey market defense, IP enforcement, MAP monitoring, and other services to help protect your brand.
Viably is a banking solution for e-commerce, designed to help sellers and brand owners get the funding and financial insights they need to grow.
Created to help people live the entrepreneurial dream. Providing funding solutions to help keep e-commerce revenues moving UP AND TO THE RIGHT™
YLT = Your Listing Translations. Helping brands with localized, accurate listing translations for over a decade.
Flawless fashion photography, seamlessly delivered. Professional production in a fully equipped studio that can handle any requirement.
An end-to-end logistics company providing tailored solutions for sellers to get their products to Amazon faster from any location.
Using years of experiences and new technology, plenty of data, and a little bit of magic, Ritz Momentum helps develop winning products.
Ecomcy is a full-service agency devoted to helping brands take their business to the next level. Amazon and Walmart.
List, optimize, and advertise your products across teams and over 3000 online channels. Channable offers an enhanced e-commerce strategy.
Put your Amazon Ads on smart autopilot that uses machine-learning algorithms to make your ads more profitable. Automation, profit, support. BidX.
AmazonXperts is a consulting group for Amazon sellers. Reach out for a FREE ½ hour of our Xpertise.
Automated Amazon Pricing Tool for Private Label Sellers
Get a 14-day risk free trial, no cc required
Did Amazon block your listing? Protect your account from suspension and get your business back on track. 
Hassle-Free Return Management
A tried-and-true system from start to finish. 
Flawless fashion photography, seamlessly delivered.
AccrueMe provides quality Amazon Funding with debt-free capital, and we don’t take any permanent ownership in your company.
AI-powered Advertising Tech & Managed Services.
Marknology is a full-service Amazon Brand Accelerator with a proven selling system for launching products on all ecommerce platforms with remarkable results. We’ve managed over 200 Million in sales on Amazon alone. If you’re looking to elevate your ecommerce game–whether on Amazon, Shopify, or a custom marketplace–you’ve come to the right place.
Cabilly & Co. is one of the only firms in the world that combines years of expertise in intellectual property, and daily interactions with Amazon sellers. Our attorneys live and breathe Amazon, know the sellers’ struggles, their strength and their fights.
We are an expanding asset-based transportation provider that also offers world-class 3PL solutions that delivers meaningful, measurable value. “Keeping the Promise” is an integral part of our culture. Our dedicated family of employees, drivers, and agents strive each day to deliver impeccable service and operate as an extension of our customer’s enterprise.”

VantageBP is a leading Online Brand Protection service, providing Brands, Agencies and Authorized Sellers an effective and affordable solution to help control their brand presence on 3P Marketplaces worldwide.
Manually managing PPC for qualifying Amazon brands. ​Hands-on management for effectively and rapidly scaling your Amazon business.  We know your numbers.
Amazon PPC that competes. A full service amazon ppc management company.
Success on Amazon requires the right advertising strategy. Work with an Amazon advertising partner who manages millions in ad spend. Our team at Incrementum Digital will apply expert methods to increase your sales while saving you time. 
Ecommerce Diversification Strategies was founded on 3 basic principles:
1. Never put all your eggs in one basket.
2 . Every brand should be selling everywhere. Period.
3. No two businesses are the same.

The “Lunch with Norm – The Rise of the Micro-Brands” Podcast will provide the winner with 5 incredible books on business to help sellers

Global Wired Advisors is a leading Digital Investment Bank focused on optimizing the business sale process. Our approach combines decades of merger and acquisition experience with online and e-commerce expertise to increase the transactional value of your greatest asset. 
With 9 years working in the online language industry, We’ve done everything from foreign language business training to multi-language e-commerce. 
What does the acronym YLT stand for?It stands for Your Listing TranslationsWho are our clients?
Amazon sellers from around the world! But most requests come from the German market. 

Yardline Capital was born to help people thrive in the e-commerce space and live the entrepreneurial dream. We know what it takes to succeed on online marketplaces; our company was co-founded in 2020 by seasoned pros: Ari Horowitz, former SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development for Thrasio, the top acquirer of fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses and Tomo Matsuo, former SVP, Lending Solutions, for the Paysafe Group. Today, we’re providing funding solutions and business-critical guidance to help keep your e-commerce revenues moving UP AND TO THE RIGHT™

eComEngine creates powerful software to help Amazon sellers save time and increase profits. As the top-rated app on the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, FeedbackFive is trusted by sellers all over the world to request and manage Amazon feedback and reviews. RestockPro simplifies FBA inventory management to help sellers stay in stock without overstocking. 

Get a 60 day free trial of FeedbackFive or RestockPro with coupon code: ECOM-COOP

Prosper Show is the premier trade event and go-to resource for established Amazon sellers looking for strategies, solutions, and help from service providers to increase profitably and scale their businesses more efficiently.

E-commerce Services:
Import goods into Canada without stress and improve your overall cross-border trade experience.

Shopify Custom Design/Development, Website Migration, Website Maintenance, Google Ads, SEO

Established in 2010, Frisbi, formerly known as First Choice Shipping, was founded on the belief that the complex world of expanding into Amazon’s Global Markets should be made easy. Offering cutting-edge technology and support, Frisbi takes the guesswork out of going global.

Tactical is an end-to-end provider of supply chain logistics—from your overseas manufacturing location via air, sea, land—to our warehouse, yours, or anywhere you choose. We handle the shipment’s entire journey. You deal with only one strategic partner: us. We do the rest. We do this efficiently, effectively, on-time, on a budget…every time.

Stop getting stuck trying to find your next high-margin product to launch.

Use experts to get fresh eyes on your problem. 

Gain back time to focus on what you do best in your business Build the elite company you envision.

Trivium Group is an Amazon advertising agency partner that helps brands scale their ads profitably on Amazon. We fully integrate with your team and become your full in-house Amazon advertising team without the price tag. We are built on strong systems, sharp people, and good values.

Track the True Profitability of Your E-commerce Business with ConnectBooks. With over $5 Billion dollars in facilitated eCommerce transactions, ConnectBooks is the #1 integration plugin helping third party sellers truly understand what’s going on under the hood.

Taxually delivers VAT compliance solutions that cater to all business types, from online retailers to those with complex tax departments. Our strength lies in the skillset of our people who not only understand the world of taxes but possess the ability to translate it into technology solutions that help organizations reduce their administrative burden, improve the quality of their VAT compliance activities and mitigate the risk that VAT poses.

Buy With Prime gives your DTC website the trust of Prime. Boost shopper conversion by a whopping average of 25% by adding Buy With Prime – offering millions of Prime members fast, free delivery and a trusted checkout. If you have a DTC website, you’re missing out if you don’t have Buy With Prime.

Viably is a banking solution for e-commerce, designed to help sellers and brand owners get the funding and financial insights they need to grow. For all business sizes – cash flow options that work. 

Bellavix is a marketplace management agency that helps retail brands achieve category domination by growing sales on Amazon and Walmart.

Fortunet is a leading investment back exclusively focused on the e-commerce industry. Representing e-commerce businesses, Fortunet maximizes outcomes with a team of veteran investment bankers, savvy analysts, and e-commerce experts.

Hymie has been helping Amazon sellers build brands and fantastic listings for more than 12 years. With an understanding of the Amazon algorithm, he takes listings from blah to BLAM with proven results.

VAA Philippines trains talented virtual assistants to help e-commerce professionals with both simple and complex tasks. From administrative help, to help with PPC on Amazon and Walmart, and everything in between, VAA has you covered. 

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Yoni Mazor

Yoni Mazor is co-founder of GETIDA, an Amazon solution provider that offers robust
auditing services to sellers, helping them to reconcile inventory, file claims and
maximize reimbursements.

Yoni began his e-commerce career while still in college, discovering he could
double his return by selling his textbooks online, instead of a trade-in at the local
bookstore. In 2009, working as Operations Manager of a supplements company, he
continued to expand his e-commerce knowledge, managing sales on the company’s
website, eBay, and Amazon. In 2013, Yoni became the Chief Operating Officer of the
May Group, a multi-category distributor that grew from selling watches and jewelry to
cosmetics and apparel. With an expansion to the Amazon marketplace, online sales
rapidly increased to 20 million.

Dealing with significantly escalating volume, Yoni and his team created solutions to
help manage inventory and accounts. In 2016, as other sellers began seeking Yoni’s
assistance, he and his co-founder Max Borin formed GETIDA, providing sophisticated
data analytic tools to assist Amazon sellers with auditing, reimbursement and inventoryreconciliation.

As spokesperson of The Ecom Cooperative, Yoni is mission-driven and
dedicated, a quick action man who gets the job done. With exceptional leadership
skills, Yoni brings positivity and good spirit into all of his interactions. Forward-thinking and growth-oriented, Yoni’s drive to be impactful and offer value is clear, using creative intelligence to advance and achieve.


“Yoni is a soldier- he has an incredible work ethic, never seems to run out of energy,
and is always in the zone.” David Dayon
“Yoni is like the G-dfather of our group. He is the perfect person to have on board- a
master at making it all work.” Frank Acosto


I Believe… in honesty and focusing on strengths. We have so much to offer in our own mission and we’re really good at what we do, but we know our limitations and are honest with our clients, letting them know exactly where we can provide value.
I’m Passionate About… helping others. If I see an opportunity to help and solve
challenges, I find it thrilling, exhilarating and rewarding.
I Love Working With… everyone. I see my company as an equal opportunity solution
provider. Any Amazon seller can enjoy our services and grow. Even small sellers can
have a big future.


My Drive:
I love knowing that my company gives people jobs- we have over 125 employees in 6
countries- and that it allows them to take care of their families and have better lives.
We’ve moved with them through life stages, getting married, buying homes, and having children. We’ve been able to help so many people. I take a lot of pride in that.
My Role Models:
My father, Avi, is a lawyer, managing his own firm, and he has extraordinary
entrepreneurial wisdom (as did my grandfather Saul)- it’s in our blood. I know I can
always reach out to my father for advice.
As a podcast host (Prime Talk), I’ve interviewed over 100 guests- leaders of the
industry- who have inspired me and brought me new perspectives.
My Attitude:
Every day, we start our business at zero. Mentally, it’s always day one. We take it very
seriously and know that each day, we have to prove ourselves. This keeps us
continuously focused on providing value to our clients.

Frank Acosta, Creative Director

Frank Acosta is the founder of Creative Percent, a branding agency serving clients in
the e-commerce sector, helping them to create distinctive, alluring brands.

Frank began his career in 2009, working for Alerta TV as a broadcaster’s
assistant, and advanced to serve as Broadcasting Director in 2012. Honoring his love
for all things creative, Frank founded Creative Percent in 2016, a niche agency
designed to build iconic brands, launching new companies and reinventing established ones. As the business evolved, Creative Percent responded to clear market demand for video production and, in 2019, created a dedicated studio space for filming dynamic product videos for their e-commerce base.

At the core of Frank’s success is his focus on the client: in-depth market research
and a thorough delving into the customer’s world provide a precise understanding of
needs and ensure aligned visions. Bestowing each client with a fresh perspective,
Creative Percent is renowned for producing notable brands.

As Creative Director of The Ecom Cooperative, Frank’s passion for community
and connection fuels his craft. A creative hustler, he is always ready to work and take
bold, innovative steps. Frank is a strong, well-liked leader and brings great energy,
spirit, and a high dose of perfectionism to the team, perpetually contributing to the
pursuit of growth and advancement.


“Frank never fails to deliver. ” David Dayon

“Frank has a great eye for design- and for people. He really gets to the core.” Yoni


I Believe… in giving back. Whenever another branding agency reaches out to me, I’m
happy to share my expertise. It’s part of why I joined the Ecom Cooperative- building a community where we can all learn and grow is a powerful thing.
I’m Passionate About… creating. I love working in the creative space and watching
companies become successful- it’s an amazing thing to be a part of.
I Love Working With… clients that are open to change. As I take clients through my
process, if their brand doesn’t resonate with me, I start from scratch. My most
successful clients are the ones that are willing to go with me on this journey and trust
me, knowing that they hired an expert to execute.


My Drive:
People trust me with their livelihoods. They are paying high ticket prices for my work-
and it needs to deliver. I get so much inspiration from seeing a brand flourish, a
company exit for top dollar, or a product range expand from 3 to 50 million.
My Role Models:
My father, Frank, has run businesses his entire life, and I’ve learned so much from
watching him.

Chris Do is also someone who has really impacted my work, teaching me a lot about
branding and managing my business.
My Attitude:
The more you give, the more you get. Help others without expecting anything in return and you’ll thrive. Many other companies try to hide their processes and guard their information, but I believe in collaboration and supporting each other.

Lenny Ash, Chief Operating Officer

Lenny Ash is the co-founder of AZSeller Kit, a custom-designed software solution
for Amazon sellers which utilizes business intelligence tools to present actionable data.

Lenny began his e-commerce career while still in college, selling collectibles on
eBay in significant volumes. After completing his undergrad degree, Lenny began
working in a Manhattan-based retail store, Media Mix Distribution, and pioneered their expansion into wholesale distribution and online sales. By 2003, with the company heavily selling on the Amazon marketplace, software developers were employed to streamline inventory management.

In 2015, Lenny and his partner Jason Hanan began offering consulting services,
sharing their vast experience with other Amazon sellers. With both client and personal
business needs unsatisfied by cookie-cutter approaches, Lenny gained expertise in
data science and data management, and in 2020, launched AZSeller Kit with Jason.
This Amazon integrated software offers price optimization tools and provides key
insights which help shape vital decisions.

As Chief Technology Officer at The Ecom Cooperative, Lenny’s analytical approach and technical prowess add steady efficiency and continuous advancement to the team. With his easygoing, empathetic and methodical nature, Lenny gains a chasmic understanding of situations and provides on-target solutions, consistently plugging away to accomplish goals.


“Lenny is an executor, he gets the job done.” Frank Acosta

“Lenny is a genius, the brains behind his software.” David


I Believe… in using technology to make life easier. When I hone in on a problem, I
think, “How can I make this better with technology?” And then I find a solution and
implement it.
I’m Passionate About… digging deep to understand operations, and asking, “Why are we doing it this way?” I love looking at the big picture and the overarching process and focusing on how things can be improved.
I Love Working With… people who love data just as much as I do- when my clients
really understand the analytics, our collaboration yields powerful solutions.


My Drive:
The Ecom Cooperative really inspires me to broaden the scope of my experiences and
learn more about what others do and what they need. By engaging with more sellers, I can offer greater value.
My Role Models:
My father, Avi, was a successful entrepreneur, and immensely impacted my mindset
and my career. His approach was filled with patience and analysis. And yet, he was an
early tech adopter, on the cutting edge, always using it to make life better.
My Attitude:
You need to walk before you run. I take a very conservative approach and I would
never put a plan into place without testing it first. Tests prove scale, and once
something is a proven concept, we can double down and put it into action.

Jason Hanan , CFO

Jason Hanan is the co-founder of AZSeller Kit, a customized software solution that
provides data insights and helps Amazon sellers manage their accounts and make
logistical decisions.

After graduating college with a degree in business management, Jason joined his brother Adam in owning and managing Media Mix Distribution, a Manhattan-based retail store. As retail sales began to taper, they moved into the wholesale and online marketplace, gaining a unique understanding of the e-commerce industry.

In 2015, Jason began offering consulting services with partner Lenny Ash to other
Amazon sellers, developing software that helped manage online sales. Ahead of the
curve in e-commerce experience, Jason and Lenny leveraged this knowledge to launch
AZSeller Kit in 2020. Built from the perspective of a seller, it provides valuable business intelligence tools that give clients key insight into their business’s wellbeing.

As treasurer for The Ecom Cooperative, Jason takes a thought-out, focused
approach to achieving financial goals. A leader by nature and a hardworking and
dedicated team contributor, Jason’s empathy and free-thinking offer valuable insight and perspective.


“Jason is a realist (worst-case-scenario guy) and tempers my idealism
(bright-and-sunny-day man) – we make a good team.” Lenny Ash

“When Jason speaks- listen.“ Yoni Mazor


I Believe… that if you listen and keep an open mind, you will keep innovating. Lenny
and I have no ego as a team and we want to hear everyone’s ideas- it’s how we keep
I’m Passionate About… data. I’m a data geek- I love inventory and pricing management and I dream in spreadsheets.
I Love Working With… people that are open-minded and willing to share ideas. Also,
solution-oriented individuals who focus on, “How can we make this work?”


My Drive:
I am my own #1 customer. As Amazon sellers ourselves, we see things through the
eyes of a seller. We use our own software every day and if we see something that isn’t
working or someone has an idea on how to improve, we change and implement.
My Role Models:
Everything I am is because of my father Isaac and my brother Adam. My father treats
everyone with respect and warmth. Watching how people reacted to him was a blueprint for how to treat people.
My brother Adam was always the smartest person in the room. I learned how to listen,
how to ask for help, and that it’s okay for someone else to have the answer.
My Attitude:
I’m confident in our ability to adapt to any challenge that comes our way. Throughout the years, we’ve rolled with the punches, pivoting our businesses at crucial moments to be in line with market changes and technological advances. I know we will keep lining up opportunities and moving forward.

David Dayon, President

David Dayon is the co-founder of Amazon Xperts, a marketing and sales
consulting group that helps Amazon sellers manage their accounts and optimize sales.

David began his Amazon career while in college, spending his summers creating
listings and perfecting the art of fashioning an attractive page. David went on to work
for a consulting agency in NYC, serving hundreds of Amazon clients. In 2018, David
founded Amazon Xperts, specializing in listing optimization and working with private
label brands to implement and execute the right strategy on Amazon.

The Ecom Cooperative was David’s brainchild and founded on the principle that
we are stronger together. Serving as a community for both Amazon service providers
and sellers, The Ecom Cooperative brings everyone under one umbrella so that all can
collaborate and form valuable connections with trusted partners.
David is a networking powerhouse, an action personality combined with an
approachable nature, and able to form relationships and connect people on a pragmatic level. A passionate and determined visionary, David capitalizes on opportunities and provides authentic value.


“David can make something from nothing.” Jason Hanan

“David works until the wheels fall off. He’s a no-nonsense achiever.” Frank Acosta


I Believe… the customer is always right. We spoil our clients. I deal with each of my
clients personally, delivering projects before the promised date and working with clients until they’re satisfied.
I’m Passionate About… All things Amazon, growing my network and continuing to
build this ecommerce community.
I Love Working With… good people, I try to surround myself with good people and ‘I’m always looking to collaborate with good people. Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


My Drive:
I get the most out of my relationship with my clients and my partners. There are so
many good people in the e-commerce community and everyone is looking to help each other.
My Role Models:
My Dad, Steven, is my main role model, he shaped me into the person I am today.

My mentor Irwin Dayon, Irwin has spent over 30 years helping young entrepreneurs
like myself get started.
My Attitude:
I don’t believe in competition, but rather in collaboration. There is plenty of business to go around and each provider excels in a specific area, allowing us to give our sellers the choice of a service provider that truly meets their needs.