The Ecom Cooperative Presents

A recap of the Prime Day Prep webinar,
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  • Ephraim Ausch – 
    • Why you should “not” use Amazon Partnered carriers before Prime Day.
    • What happens when you use Amazon Partner Carriers.
    • If you have a product at the port and you still want to get them in Amazon before Prime Day
    • If your products are still overseas and you want them in Amazon before Prime Day.  
  • Clayton Atchison
    •  What if anything are you doing OFF-Amazon to promote products for Prime Day?
    • What can you do to turn Prime Day buyers into loyal customers?
    • How do you stay on top of what your competition is doing for Prime Day and how to best compete? 
  • Chezi Cweiber – 
    • How do I improve my ipi score and save money on storage as well?
    • Make sure all your removal order settings are optimized for how you would like to deal with reverse logics.
  • Isaac Gross-
    • Should we increase our bids on Prime Day?
    • Should we ramp up PPC spending before Prime Day?
    • How should we set our budget before Prime Day?
  • Max Dushey
    • What do you think will be different this year vs last year?
    • What would you offer as a tip for seller on prime day?
    • What are some things that can be done after prime day to maximize return on customers obtained on Prime Day?
  • Alexandra Ramirez – 
    •  Can SellersFunding lending be used for anything other than inventory to prep for Prime Day?
    • How should people finance Prime Day and also prepare for Q4?
    • Where else should sellers be thinking about investing their funds into?
  • Elizabeth Greene – 
    • What are the most important campaigns to run during Prime Day?
    • What should I be doing to my advertising leading up to Prime Day?
    • What should I focus on in advertising during Prime Day?
  • Shaun Rubenstein
    • How do you determine your Prime Day Sales Strategy?  Should you focus on sales velocity or profitability?  
    • If the Prime Day Deal price and minimum volumes do not make economic sense, what are the options available to me to maximize sales on Prime Day?

Webinar’s Presenters 

Lenny Ash

Alexander Ramirez

Chezi Cweiber

Clayton Atchison

Elizabeth Greene

Ephraim Ausch

Isaac Gross

Max Dushey

Shaun Rubenstein