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About Us:

You want a logistics brand that becomes one with your company and carries the full responsibility of your product delivery. When you transport with us, your product joins the Accurate family.

At Accurate we,  become an extension of your brand.  follow through every step of the way.  make sure every detail is handled perfectly.

We have a designated Amazon department, and understand the industry and seller’s needs.

Pick up and delivery to Amazon FCs same day! Live load only, so that your inventory checks in right away.

When you choose Accurate Transport, you gain more than a means of transporting goods — you gain access to our TMS (Transportation Management Software) Our TMS system allows you to log in to your portal and,  gain access to all your shipments.  check the status of your orders.  print BOL.  chat message to Accurate plus more!

We’re in transportation for the long haul.  78 Trucks on the road  3 Terminals on the East coast  9000+ Deliveries on average each month

Our Services:

Our Services: Local Trucking / LTL / FTL / Last Mile Warehousing / 3PL Intermodal Distribution / Fulfillment / Drayage / Guaranteed Service

To get a quote or to request a call reach out to