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Nachman Leiser is the CEO and founder of Connectbooks and Bottom Line Management. For over 10 years, he’s been an entrepreneur, financial analyst and profit gamechanger – usually all 3 at once.

After working as CFO in several businesses, growing their revenue by double-digit percentages and more, he founded his own ecommerce bookkeeping & accounting firm that specializes in uncovering ways to reduce cost, eliminate losses and scale profits. He helped online sellers in the red become profitable within a year and exceed the million dollar mark in net profits.

He developed an industry game-changing app, Connectbooks, that partners with Quickbooks and online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and more. Today, Connectbooks helps hundreds of sellers reconcile every transaction in Connectbooks in a click, and

see itemized & bottom line profit and inventory updates as they happen.

Nachman has been regularly recognized as a pioneer and innovator, changing the role accounting traditionally played for ecommerce sellers, and creating systems that double, triple or even 10x profit margins for his clients.

He has a masters in Science, with a major in accounting from FDU.


Connectbooks company overview


 Selling on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay or Walmart? Connectbooks is the only 100% accurate way to sync all data to Quickbooks, and understand bottom line revenue for each item. It automates your accounting, tracks your inventory and calculates profits for you.

In one click, the app pulls your cost of goods from Quickbooks and all reports from your marketplaces, and:

  1. Syncs ALL your data —sales, inventory, fees, settlements, returns— to Quickbooks
  2. Tracks & updates inventory in each warehouse in realtime
  3. Shows you net profits & sales per item, category, seller or more — in one view

With a 5-star rating on Intuit and Amazon, more than 500 marketplace sellers use Connectbooks to save at least 20 hours each month on accounting, get clear about profits and scale faster.

Setup is fast, easy and risk-free, with a 1:1 Quickbooks setup with a professional bookkeeper at no cost, and a free 30-day trial.

Every support team rep is US-based, and a Quickbooks & software expert. Support is rapid, and available by phone, in-app and via email.

Supported software: Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Ebay. Quickbooks Desktop & Online

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